Case studies

Commercial After Builders Clean
We offer a full builders clean to construction and maintenance companies, cleaning all areas after renovation, new builds or revamps. Our experienced operatives will clean the building internally and externally, clearing all dust and debris, leaving the premises clean and ready for occupation. If required, we will go to the site and complete a full survey. We will document our findings and discuss them with you prior to submitting our quotation.

Tate Modern-The Tanks
These underground chambers have been transformed to create a unique raw open space with exposed brickwork and concrete.
The Any-Clean Services team completed the final builders clean throughout this space working alongside building contractors. We are the experts when it comes to cleaning art spaces. We provide the highest level of service at a competitive price.

Colchester Visual Arts Facility
Any-Clean Services were instrumental in completing the final clean to most of the areas within this unique building, which nestles in the heart of Colchester.